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Analyst Highlights Promising Altcoins and Sectors

Release: 2024/06/15 15:03 Reading: 1000

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Analyst Highlights Promising Altcoins and Sectors

Analyst Highlights Promising Altcoins and Sectors

Despite Bitcoin's recent surge and the resurgence of meme coins, altcoins continue to face cautious sentiment due to dwindling individual interest. However, certain altcoins stand out amidst the crowd.

TON's Outperformance

The Open Network (TON), linked to Telegram, has garnered significant attention. TON's daily active addresses have consistently exceeded Ethereum's since June, with a peak of 568,830 unique wallet addresses on June 3. Its daily transaction count also reached a yearly high of 9 million on May 17.

Promising Sectors and Altcoins

Analyst Miles Deutscher highlights the Real World Assets (RWA) sector as particularly attractive. He recommends accumulating ETH and promising altcoins for a medium to long-term (6-12 months) perspective.

Deutscher sees potential in Mantra, DePIN, and meme coins like Pepe and WIF. He identifies support levels at $0.11 for PEPE and $2.26 for WIF, anticipating their growth during the market cycle.


While altcoins face challenges, selective interest in certain sectors and tokens persists. TON's outperformance, Deutscher's sector analysis, and potential altcoin investments provide insights into the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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