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BlockDAG's Moon Keynote Release: Amplifies $41.6M Presale with Best Crypto Mining App; Eclipes PEPE Price & NEAR Protocol News

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Original source:https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/6661192dbf2b0e2977742a0d

BlockDAG's Moon Keynote Release: Amplifies $41.6M Presale with Best Crypto Mining App; Eclipes PEPE Price & NEAR Protocol News

BlockDAG's Keynote Release and the Rise of X1 Mining App

BlockDAG's Keynote release has made waves in the cryptocurrency world, with its highly anticipated X1 crypto mining app taking center stage. The release has generated excitement that overshadows the recent PEPE price prediction and NEAR Protocol news.

Keynote Highlights

The Keynote highlighted significant advancements such as blockchain improvements, global marketing strategies, and the beta launch of the X1 Miner app. The release has contributed to a surge in presale momentum, raising over $41.6 million through batch 16.

NEAR Protocol's Revolutionary Identity Tokens

NEAR Protocol has introduced NEAR Name Tokens, which strengthen digital identities within the Web3 ecosystem. These tokens provide cross-platform, multichain solutions, simplifying wallet addresses and serving as infrastructure identifiers and verifiable credentials. The naming convention ensures clarity, and the initiative promotes interoperability and integration.

Pepe's Price Fluctuations

Pepe (PEPE) experienced a surge in 2024, reaching an ATH of $0.00001750. However, it now faces a potential 10% retracement. Analysts suggest a break below a descending triangle pattern, indicating a possible decline. Bullish indicators like the MACD indicate ongoing support and suggest a potential 25% rise post-retracement.

BlockDAG's Pioneering Mining App

BlockDAG's Keynote 2 unveiled several innovations, including the mainnet launch and ecosystem expansion. The website highlights over 45 updates, emphasizing their commitment to active development. Low-Code/No-Code tools make decentralized app development accessible, contributing to their successful $41.6M presale.

BlockDAG's DAG structure enhances efficiency and scalability through parallel processing. Their DAG-based Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus allows multiple transactions to be confirmed simultaneously. The comprehensive roadmap and development updates demonstrate their dedication to transparency and progress.

X1 Miner App: A Game-Changer

The beta launch of the X1 Miner app has set new standards in cryptocurrency mining. Compatible with both Android and iOS, it allows users to mine up to 20 BDAG daily without excessive battery drain. The lightning button boosts mining rates, and the user-friendly interface democratizes mining access.


BlockDAG's Keynote 2 has positioned them as a formidable force in the cryptocurrency landscape. Their commitment to innovation and user experience through the X1 crypto mining app has eclipsed the PEPE price prediction and NEAR Protocol news. The extensive updates, cutting-edge technologies, and intuitive tools showcased in the Keynote underscore BlockDAG's potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry. As the presale continues to gain momentum, investing now presents an excellent opportunity to partake in BlockDAG's promising future.

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