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Dogecoin Bersiap Breakout, Harga DOGE Akan Meroket ke US$6

Release: 2024/06/07 14:40 Reading: 961

Original author:Blockchain Media Indonesia

Original source:https://coinmarketcap.com/community/en/articles/6662a798ef7f091b08f36e3b

Dogecoin Bersiap Breakout, Harga DOGE Akan Meroket ke US$6

Dogecoin Poised for Breakout, Analysts Predict Price Surge

Crypto analyst Kevin, formerly known as OG Yomi, has identified a promising bullish pattern on the Dogecoin (DOGE) chart, suggesting a breakout is imminent. His prediction comes amidst significant DOGE accumulation by whales, which could fuel this anticipated breakout.

Dogecoin Indicators Signal Breakout

As reported by Bitcoinist, Kevin points out that Dogecoin's two-month Bollinger Bands indicator is showing signs of an impending breakout. This marks the first such signal for the meme coin since November 2020.

Additionally, Kevin notes that DOGE is due for a bullish two-month MACD cross for the first time since the same period. This indicator is widely regarded as a strong predictor of bullish price action, further strengthening his bullish outlook.

Analyst Confidence and Historical Predictions

Kevin expresses strong confidence in this breakout, suggesting that it is inevitable. Other prominent crypto analysts, such as Kaleo, echo this sentiment.

In a recent post on X, Kaleo asserts that Dogecoin is poised to move parabolic, even predicting that DOGE could outperform Bitcoin in the current bull run.

Kevin's optimism is not new. In April, he predicted that Dogecoin could outpace Bitcoin during this market cycle if it maintained momentum. He even suggested that DOGE could reach as high as $3, based on historical patterns.

Such a surge would significantly elevate DOGE beyond its current standing and potentially above Bitcoin. DOGE's recent price surge can be attributed to large purchases by Dogecoin whales. In the past week alone, these large investors have purchased over 900 million DOGE, which could possibly contribute to the anticipated breakout.

Analysts Predict DOGE Price Spike

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez also sees a bright future for Dogecoin. He recently highlighted that market sentiment for DOGE is as bearish as it was in early February, just before its price spiked by 200%.

Martinez believes DOGE could climb to $6 in this bull run, noting that the current unimpressive price action is typical behavior before a major bull run.

On the more ambitious end of the spectrum, analyst Javon Marks has suggested that Dogecoin could hit $10. He highlights breakout trends that indicate DOGE may be headed towards this price point.

Marks even shared a chart projecting that DOGE could go as high as $16. He references Dogecoin's historical performance patterns, which have seen increases in each subsequent bull run.

Marks believes this upcoming bull run will be no different, with DOGE surpassing its more than 20,000% rally in the 2021 bull run. Time will tell.

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