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Pepe and Bonk prices slump as new memecoin WienerAI raises $5.5m

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Pepe and Bonk prices slump as new memecoin WienerAI raises $5.5m

Pepe and Bonk Struggle Amidst Market Stability, While WienerAI Surges with $5.5 Million Raised

In a market characterized by stability, Pepe and Bonk have faced challenges, while WienerAI has gained significant traction, raising $5.5 million.

Pepe and Bonk Struggle

Pepe has experienced a 3% decline, and Bonk has dropped by 6%. Meme coins have faced strong selling pressure, contributing to their decline.

Analysts remain optimistic about Pepe's long-term trend, anticipating a breakout from its current consolidation zone. Vegeta predicts a potential surge of almost 50%.

WienerAI's Rise

In contrast to Pepe and Bonk, WienerAI, an AI-memecoin hybrid, has shown impressive growth. It has raised $5.5 million in its presale, attracting investors and industry experts alike.

WienerAI's unique proposition is a trading bot that identifies trading opportunities based on user inputs. This provides seamless execution that is instant, fee-free, and accessible to all users.

Cryptonews YouTube channel has predicted a 100x potential for WienerAI after its exchange launch, citing its innovative concept and early momentum.

AI Cryptos Gaining Ground

While meme coins have recently dominated the crypto landscape, AI cryptos like Injective Protocol, Render, and SingularityNET are making a resurgence.

This shift in market sentiment reflects the growing interest in AI applications within the crypto ecosystem. WienerAI, with its hybrid approach, taps into both memecoin and AI narratives.

WienerAI Presale

Prospective investors can acquire WAI tokens at a current presale price of $0.000718. The price will increase as the presale progresses or upon reaching a $5.9 million raise target.

For more information, visit the WienerAI presale website.

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