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5 Telegram Mining Mini Apps That ‘Will Do Well’ Following Notcoin (NOT) Launch

Release: 2024/05/18 02:03 Reading: 496

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Original source:https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/66478f53190fd26b0d0d20f1

5 Telegram Mining Mini Apps That ‘Will Do Well’ Following Notcoin (NOT) Launch

Telegram Mining: Five Promising Projects to Watch

The meteoric rise of Notcoin (NOT) has ignited a surge of excitement in the crypto mining sphere, this time centered around the popular messaging platform Telegram. Buoyed by Notcoin's resounding success, a new wave of Telegram mining mini apps is garnering significant attention.

Crypto Analyst Highlights Top Projects

Crypto analyst Ben's Crypto has identified five promising projects that he believes hold great potential in the growing Telegram mining landscape. These innovative platforms leverage Telegram's ease of use and accessibility to provide users with a seamless mining experience, often through simple actions like tapping, swiping, or engaging in games.

BLUM: This top-tier mining project, actively promoted by the esteemed Binance exchange, allows users to claim points every 8 hours through a tapping and clicking game.

TAPSWAP: Described as a Notcoin-like project, TapSwap is built on the Solana blockchain and rewards users for tapping their screens during gameplay, distributing the majority of its TapSwap Token (TAPS) among Telegram gamers.

MOMOAI: An innovative AI-powered social game growth platform, MomoAi combines viral mechanics and AI-bot interaction to drive user growth and engagement within the Telegram ecosystem, enabling users to upgrade their virtual trees and collect points.

YESCOIN 1: Similar to the Notcoin game, YesCoin utilizes a Telegram bot to facilitate token mining through simple swiping actions across the screen.

YESCOIN 2: Offering a mining experience akin to Notcoin, YesCoin 2 allows users to earn tokens through the platform's Telegram bot.

Telegram Mining: A New Frontier

The stage is set for a new wave of Telegram mining fever. With the success of Notcoin as a testament to the potential of these mini apps, crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike are gearing up to ride the Telegram mining wave.

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